Kyra's Current Project

Using gifts from her 16th birthday and choosing to also ask for gifts for giving this Christmas, Kyra has chosen to support two organizations that are making an incredible difference supporting those who have been rescued from the human trafficking epidemic.  Having personally heard the story of a family friend who innocently fell into this life, both of these organizations stepped up to help save her and work with her to reclaim her promising future.  

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the story by CBS4's Jeff Todd on this year's project

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Empowering Colorado's sex trafficking survivors with the resources and skills they need to experience a future filled with hope.


Covered works with survivors over 18 years old, assisting them and their children with a chance to change their lives for the better.  They offer a healthy community full of caring coaches that have been trained to help these survivors obtain jobs, re-learn life skills and empower them to break the bondage they've been held by for so long.  

Click the Covered logo for more information about this incredible organization.

Sarah's Home Circle Flower Logo

Providing a sanctuary for girls rescued from sex trafficking as they reclaim the life they were created to live.


Sarah's Home is a faith-based residential home on the front range of Colorado for girls 12 to 18 who have been rescued from sex trafficking.  Sarah's Home offers healing of the mind, body and spirit along with education, restoration, and reintegration to equip each girl with the skills needed to thrive in society as a survivor, not a victim.

Click the Sarah's Home logo for more information about this incredible organization.


100% of donations will be used to purchase items needed by both organizations. 

Just click on 'Contribute to the Cause' or visit to make your donation and then be sure to follow our social media to see all the gifts purchased!

We've created an Amazon wish list with items that both organizations are in need of.  Check the list to make a purchase to bring to our January Giving Event or if you're out of town, all purchase have the option to ship directly to Kyra!


Did you get a gift card this holiday season that you'd like to regift for an amazing cause?  Attend our January Giving Event to participate in the contribution.  Gift cards for major stores, restaurants and entertainment places are all welcome!


On January 11th we will be gathering at Parkway Grill in Aurora to present our gifts to Covered Colorado and Sarah's Home.

We invite all of you to join in on this event and experience the gift of giving. 

Click HERE to RSVP and COMMIT to the CAUSE!

Thinking you saw Kyra was supporting Respire Haiti?  She was and is saddened to report she is now unable to follow through with that support.  And all of those donations of Clorox Wipes and pens will be re-purposed and given to the above organizations.  Unfortunately Haiti has been on a Level 4 advisory with a governmental recommendation of Do Not Travel and an order of the departure of all non-emergency U.S. personnel due to crime, civil unrest and kidnapping.  Because of this risk Kyra is unable to travel to Haiti to make her donation. 

Thoughts, prayers and deep hope for the return of peace are with Respire Haiti and all of the employees, children and volunteers who are doing such incredible work there.



Kyra's first project was when she was nine and she asked Santa for money to buy shoes and clothes for children in Africa.  She saw a commercial on TV and was moved to do something.  Santa granted her wish and she was able to buy some clothes and shoes for children in a village in Congo. 


Our friend Justin Wren went on a mission trip and carried a backpack packed full of the clothes and shoes to the village.  This video is after he presented the children with the clothes.

Since 2011, Justin has led an organization called Fight for the Forgotten and has provided nearly 3,000 acres of land and 25 water wells to the Pygmies in the Congo of Africa. 

His goal is to Defend the Weak, Love the Unloved and Empower the Voiceless.

Visit his website at

PROJECT 2 - Donations to Support the Ronald McDonald House in Aurora

Kyra liked the feeling of her giving at Christmas so much that she decided to do it again for her birthday.  Instead of asking for specific items for herself, she asked her party guests to bring laundry soap, paper towels, cleaners, food storage items and gift cards to local stores.

The outcome was fantastic!  Kyra had three wagons full of much needed items to deliver to this amazing organization.

Ronald McDonald House facilities are located across the country and provide temporary housing to keep families with sick children close together.  If you are looking for an idea to make your One Birthday, click below to see if there is a location near you to support!

PROJECT 3 - Blankets and Meals for the Homeless

The issues of homelessness has always weighed heavy on Kyra's heart.  For her third project, she chose to ask Santa for blankets to distribute to the homeless and asked her family for items to support making sack meals to hand out with the blankets.

The gratitude shown deeply touched Kyra and her two friends Molly and Jhorden, who joined her to distribute the blankets and meals.  The recipients were so appreciative.  Click on the News Story link to watch the delivery in action!

This is an easy project for you to do for your One Birthday!  There was no delivery coordination - we just picked a Saturday and went downtown!

PROJECT 4 - Firestation TV

A local fire station was instrumental in saving the life of a very dear friend of ours Mande, who also happens to be the wife of our Board Treasurer!  Kyra heard that their television broke and there was no budget to replace it.  She decided to ask for WalMart gift cards for her gifts so that she could go shopping and buy the fire station a new TV.

Mande's daughter decided she too wanted to join in and so her One Birthday was a joint effort with Kyra to support this cause.  Between Trennah and Kyra they raised over $1200 and bought the station a television and wall mount to hang it on!  Click on News Story to see the fun they had at the fire station.

The motivation for Kyra kicked in after Trennah also asked for the gift of giving.  She decided then that she really wanted to start encouraging other kids to pick One Birthday to do the same.

PROJECT 5 - Food For Our Furry Friends

Kyra is a true animal lover.  Her dog Todd is her very best friend and so for her most recent Christmas project, she wanted to help her furry friends out.  We partnered with a local organization called PawsCo and Kyra was able to raise over $1,000 to spend in addition to the gifts from Santa, her family and friends for much needed animal supplies.

She had help from a friend and her little sister to deliver the treats to PawsCo.  You can watch that delivery by clicking on the News Story link.

PawsCo is a 100% volunteer run organization dedicated to helping animals through three programs - spay/neuter, pet food drives, animal fostering and adoptions.  Check out their website at

PROJECT 6 - Chemo Care Packages

Kyra wanted to do something for her 13th birthday that supported patients who were going through treatment for cancer.  Cancer has affected her family and friends directly so it's a cause near and dear to her heart.  After talking to friends the idea of a chemo care package came about.  A bag filled with items - some helpful, some fun and some inspiring.

Watch the video that she made using only her iPhone to ask for support of this cause:

Kyra received donations from multiple companies of items to put in the bags. Using those items, the gifts she received for her birthday and the donations to her GoFundMe, Kyra donated 100 chemo care packages to the University of Colorado Hospital Cancer Center as highlighted in the News Story . 

It was an emotional day of delivery.  Kyra met a special patient, Tess and her beautiful baby, Grace.  Tess is a young mom fighting her way through treatment for breast cancer.  She was so inspiring to Kyra and so grateful for the donation.  It was a gift for both of them.  The News Story link highlights this visit and delivery.

PROJECT 7 - Home Away From Home











Asking for her Christmas gifts to benefit the Aurora and Denver RMDH turned into and incredible show of community support.  Friends, family and even strangers all came together to provide an incredible donation.

Our sweet friend Christine at 9News captured the gift of giving and a very special family who will be directly impacted by the generosity of all who chose to support this campaign.  Click the link under the picture to meet this incredible family and their fighting son Delbert.

Kyra had supported the Ronald McDonald House before and recently volunteered through a school community group so she was well aware of the impact this organization has in our community. 

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