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My One Birthday was founded on a belief that everyone deserves happiness and that the gift of giving is far better than any that could be received. At the age of 9, Kyra decided to ask Santa for money so that she could buy clothes and shoes for the children of Africa. She had been touched by a TV commercial and inspired by a mission trip that a friend was taking to Africa. Santa obliged and Kyra was able to purchase shoes and clothes for a village of children who so desperately needed them. This great man who was going to serve a village in Africa journeyed through the jungle of the Congo carrying a backpack of things that Kyra had bought with her Santa money. He took a video of them receiving her gift and that feeling of overwhelming pride and gratitude changed Kyra's life forever. The feeling of making that happen overwhelmed her and she discovered that giving to others was a FAR better feeling than any gift could bring.


That feeling started a mission for Kyra - she would always ask Santa for something for others and then for her birthday, she would pick a charity and ask for gifts for that charity instead of herself. In addition to the gifts to African children, she has been able to give blankets and food to the homeless, provide much needed supplies to the Ronald McDonald House, give the gift of a new TV to a well deserving fire station, give hundreds of pounds of dog food to a local rescue and delivered 100 chemo care packages to a local hospital for newly diagnosed cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.


Since she has started doing this, Kyra has inspired others to make the same choice.  To take One Birthday and make it about something or someone else.  The idea of forming an actual non- profit which she calls My One Birthday was born to encourage and support those who make this selfless choice. 


Over the past nine years Kyra has led the way of giving to 14 organizations with over $16,000 of donations.  


as kyra has grown up, so has my one birthday

As the birthdays have gone by, Kyra has realized that celebrations look different as you grow up.  What doesn't look different is that everyone deserves happiness and the gift of giving can still make a difference. 

As Kyra enters her senior year of college and is faced with decisions of what to be when she grows up, My One Birthday will reflect proudly on all that has been given back to others over the past 11 years.

With love and gratitude, more to come.

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Based out of Aurora, Colorado

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