Kyra Dooley, Founder and Youth Development Agent

Kyra is the heart and soul behind My One Birthday.  She serves as the Youth Development Agent helping to inspire both young and old to experience the gift of giving. 


Gina Dooley, Board President/Chair

As Kyra's mom, Gina works to support and bring to life the vision and passion that Kyra has within her. 

Dawn Danner, Board Secretary

Dawn is a lifelong dedicated supporter of both Kyra and Gina!  She brings amazing ideas and intense passion to our team.


Kurt Nantkes, Board Treasurer

As a long time friend and former softball coach of Kyra's, Kurt's 'coaching' continues on the My One Birthday board as our trusted financial advisor.

Amber Sisk, Director

Amber has been instrumental in the development of the organization as a non-profit entity and is a huge fan of Kyra's as well as the overall concept of My One Birthday.

Mike Fengler, Director

Heavily involved in youth sports, Mike brings a passion for growing and inspiring the next generation and is greatly committed to the My One Birthday mission.

At our next Board Meeting
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