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To lift others, in addition to Kyra's received birthday presents we depend on the support of our communities through, monetary donations, product donations and more.  Thank you in advance for your contribution!


Kyra consulted with the team at Family Tree and created an Amazon registry list based on their needs.  You can click on the registry image to shop from the list.  All items will ship directly to Kyra and she'll do one delivery directly to Family Tree.

Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 12.37.25 AM.png

If you'd rather not shop, you can donate to Kyra's GoFundMe where 100% of the money will go towards purchasing items requested by Family Tree.

Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 12.42.27 AM.png

Kyra's My One Birthday dream would not be where it is today without the support of so many friends and family.  To those of you who have encouraged her, motivated her, granted her gift wishes and stood by her proudly as she taps into her golden soul that so graciously desires to help others - thank you.  You are each a gift to our lives and an important and valued part of the My One Birthday mission.

Kyra has been very fortunate to have already received so much support from various companies and organizations.  We want to send a special thank you to the following organizations who have graciously donated product or provided discounts to help make Kyra's Past Projects happen.  You can click on any logo/photo to learn more about these generous organizations.

Dirty Water Soap Works

- 100 custom Lip Butter tubes for the chemo care packages.

The Tea Spot

- 100 tea samples for the chemo care packages.


-Pro-bono Formation of our 501(c)(3)

-Legal Representation

It's Your Move Game Store

- 100 decks of cards for the chemo care packages.

Honey Bee Baby Boutique in Southlands Mall

- Leaf Swayer for Masina's MOB Project

Lemongrass Spa

- 50 Body Icing samples for the chemo care packages.

Lure Salon and Boutique

- 100 customized cinch sacks for the chemo care packages.

Chuck & Don's at Arapahoe Crossing

- Several cases of canned food for the PawsCo pet food project.


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